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Mt. Kanchanjungha (28,169 ft)

Mt. Kanchanjungha (28,169 ft)

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our home in Nepal

After being picked up from the airport, we drove through the bustling, smog filled streets of Kathmandu to Suman's house. His house is a large vertical, apartment like structure tucked away from the main street by a litter of other homes and side streets. American homes, even in urban areas, tend to be built more 'horizontally' to increase the square feet of any single room. This, however, increases total land used. Suman's Nepali house constitutes four stories on a smaller plot of land, and a well utilized roof area that even, itself, has stairs ascending to a secondary roof area. At the second floor a rug ensues the remaining staircase and as I gathered from the piled shoes and sandals, no footwear were permitted beyond this point. Footless we dropped our belongings into a relatively large room belong to, well, I don't actually know who this room belongs to. Considering the hospitality with which we were treated, it could be Suman's mother's room for all I know. Hopefully its not. Subsequently, we were escorted upstairs onto the roof as food was being prepared for us. The view of Khatmandu from the roof of our new house, is enchanting to say the least. Each building caressed by the next such that a spectrum of soft colored edifices molded the cityscape. Past the outskirts of the buildings massive, venerable mountains stood at the perimeter overlooking the excited city.

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