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Mt. Kanchanjungha (28,169 ft)

Mt. Kanchanjungha (28,169 ft)

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Trek

We have decided to postpone out trek for a day or so. Today is a Bond (shortening of Bondo - which means closed). In political protest, everything in Kathmandu is closed. Roads, shops, you name it. The intent of this variation on a strike, is to generate conversation with the government. Though, to be honest, the entire ordeal was spread by word of mouth and not many people know the Why to this whole What. Nevertheless, we must walk everywhere today.

Also, slight changes, Dorchi will not be our guide for said trek out to Phakumba. His mother-in-law passed away in October and his sister-in-law, who is studying in KTM and staying at his house, was not able to go out until she finished her exams. He will head out on the 16th.

Today we are going to a festival at Pashupatinath. It is not very far, so walking won't be a problem. Suman lives in an area of KTM called Ratopul (though I've counted 3 varied transliterations) -- it means red bridge. There happen to be many cognates between the Sanskrit-based Nepali and even English, certainly with the more classical Indo-European Languages such as French.

Our Nepali is improving ever so slowly. So far, we know the numbers. How to say our name. A smattering of random, and almost entirely useless nouns. And two verbs. Cha -- it is. Chiana -- it is not. But, we're making due and we seem to be converging on a kind-of Nepali-ish.

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